What is the mission of The One Hundred Club of Anne Arundel County?
Provide assistance to active uniformed public safety officers of affiliated agencies via scholarships and/or compassionate giving to those who are severely injured or make the ultimate sacrifice while in service to the citizens of Anne Arundel County.

How long has The One Hundred Club of Anne Arundel County been in existence?
The organization was founded in April, 2000.

How did The One Hundred Club get its name?
In 1952 a Detroit businessman asked 100 of his friends and associates to help the family of a slain police officer. Since then, 100 Clubs have been organized in many cities across the country. There are over 120 of them across the nation.

What are some of the Club’s future goals?
As the assets of The One Hundred Club of Anne Arundel County grow, we hope to be in a position to immediately assist and improve the family’s financial situation and to assist in the children’s educational expenses. We will also work with the family to obtain needed professional services.

Doesn’t the police or fire agencies give benefits to employees who are killed in the line of duty?
Benefits vary from agency to agency. When a tragedy strikes, the family may need funds immediately for emergency expenses. Death benefits are often delayed. Workers compensation may not completely replace the full salary of a public safety official.

Is my membership or contribution tax deductible?
Yes, The One Hundred Club is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit group. Our Tax Identification number is 52-2255715.

Can benefits from The One Hundred Club be considered as insurance?
No. The decision as to what benefits will be paid and in what amount rests entirely with the discretion of the Board of Directors.